UBC-GSS主席Conny Lin致UBC中国研究生的一封公开信

UBC-GSS主席Conny Lin致UBC中国研究生的一封公开信
Dear Chinese graduate students,
Greetings from the President’s office of your Graduate Student Society (GSS). I would like to first thank you for your involvmeent in the development of the GSS non-departmental graduate student group, and I would like to invite every one of you for further involvement in GSS endeavours.
Why would you want to get involved?
- increase confidence English speaking
- get professional experience
- make friends, networking
- increase Chinese graduate student contribution in UBC community.
- influence and enhance lives of international students
I immigrated to Vancouver 17 years ago from Taiwan. From my experience, Chinese in Vancouver really don’t have as many opportunities to practice English.  Many of my friends were here for more than 10 years but still barely speak English. For graduate students we have much better English exposure, but the few conference presentations just don’t do the trick. Even that I already lived in Vancouver for 12 years when I started of my graduate studies (5 years ago), I had absolutely no confidence in my English speaking skills. It is not until I get involved with GSS council and committees that I started to get exposure to fast, rigorous, and high level spoken English, and slowly became more confident and fluent in English speaking. At first, my hand shakes uncontrollably when I spoke in GSS council. Now, as some of you have seen me spoken in public, I myself could not even believe the improvement!
If I can do it, you can do it too!
Not only that, I can not tell you how many good friends from different cultures and departments I have made through the years. These friends made significant contribution to not only my personal growth, but also my research in unexpected ways. CGSA and CSSA are great places to network. However, let’s face it, Canada is still a white dominate community. If we want Chinese to be the indispensable and influential community of Vancouver, of Canada, we need to integrate, we need to contribute, we need to immerse and network with all different cultures. However, this doesn’t happen in one day. The big differences start with small steps. I see CGSA and CSSA as the driving force and GSS as the training ground to get us to a bigger common vision.
GSS is also a place where you can get professional experiences that you will never get in your graduate studies. Through the years I have learned human resources, union bargaining, auditing, finances budgeting, running high profile events, influence stakeholders, project management…you name it. Can you imagine how much better those experiences would make my CV look like to my future employer?
I want to share these opportunities with you, my fellow Chinese students. It saddens me when I see these valuable career enhancing opportunities are only accessible to only a few well connected individuals. I want all of you to have the same opportunities that I had. Therefore, I ask that you contact us, and find out what GSS can offer you!
Please drop Yunfei (vpservice@gss.ubc.ca) or me (president@gss.ubc.ca) a line and let us know what your interest are, what your career goals are, and we will figure out together on how GSS experience can help you to get to where you want to be!
Best regards,
Conny Lin, MSc.
Canada Graduate Scholar | Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Ph.D. Candidate | Neuroscience
University of British Columbia
(翻译:UBC-GSS副主席 张云飞)
大家好,我是Conny Lin,首先请允许我以GSS President的身份代表GSS向大家致以诚挚的问候!非常感谢大家过去积极参与GSS Non-departmental graduate student group的建设。为了加强GSS与各位的联系,我诚挚的邀请大家进一步参与到GSS各方面的活动中来。
我是17年前从台湾移民到加拿大的。我深切的体会到,中国学生在温哥华练习英语的机会真的不多。我的很多朋友在这已经10多年了,但几乎没怎么说过英语。研究生虽然机会相对多一些,但仍然不够,一些有限的课堂或者会议演讲根本达不到期望的效果。即便是我,在五年前开始念研究生的时候(来温哥华已经12年),对自己的英语表达能力仍然不自信。直到加入了GSS Council and Committees,随着不断接触快速、严谨和高端的英语对话,我的英语表达终于慢慢变得流畅和自信起来。起初,在GSS Council上发言的时候我的手都会抖。现在的我——正如有些同学在公共场合看到的那样——所取得的进步,让我自己都不敢相信!
Conny Lin